Embedding an Apple Map on a WordPress website using Mapkit JS

Apple announced MapKit JS at WWDC recently, and there are already some great demos available: https://mapkit-demo.herokuapp.com/ (source: https://github.com/ankurp/mapkit-demo) https://github.com/chrisdrackett/react-mapkit (this shows lots of controls in use) https://github.com/vasile/mapkit-js-demo (this shows a country outline drawn from a geoJSON file). But how can … Continued

Gutenberg for Designers #wcldn

Nicola Campbell, 93 Digital Don’t panic! (Matt – well maybe panic a bit. Try it on a staging copy of a website first. Don’t blindly upgrade on live.) Dropcaps, backgrounds and separators. Pull quotes more easily placed within text. Shortcodes … Continued

Security is a process – @vitalethomas #wcldn

Coolest graphic of the day! Kapersky global real time threat map Know your enemy “I’m just a small blog”. Bots don’t care. Why do they attack? Is your domain clean? Spam sending is then easy. Attackers can earn money by … Continued

48/48/48 – Adam Walker #wcldn

Event for marketing pros to build 48 websites for 48 charities in 48 hours Using professional skills to help the community Templated process using Beaver Builder Takes prep from charities – both technical and marketing (branding, website targeting). Teams get … Continued

Developing your story – Lee Jackson #wcldn

A few years ago: I hated my agency Mean clients Baldness ensued Something had to change Agency reset: 1 Finding your why? (are we doing this) Write a mission statement Look at your past Ask others 2 Discover your (key) … Continued

Gravity Forms CSS spinner

When you submit a form the Gravity Forms default spinner appears. It is a gif, which doesn’t look great when used on anything but a white background, and isn’t retina-friendly. Let’s sort that out. RocketGenius have documentation for the ajax … Continued

Words of Wisdom from @adactio

Jeremy Keith’s “1 piece of advice around building responsively”, from this week’s interview in responsivedesign.is:   I think that even now, there’s still a tendency for people to think of the desktop view as the default, and the small-screen view … Continued