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Notes from #responsiveconf – Kirsty Burgoine

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A Question of Deliverables and Other Stuff

Now responsive by default.

A lack of trust is the client’s initial feeling when they come in.

Old design process:

Discuss > Plan > Design > Build > Done

New Approach 1:

Tell them nothing about responsive.

Happy clients/same workflow.
No planning, extra time & cost.

New Approach 2:

Promise Nothing.

Same workflow. No promises about what it would look like.
Could increase timescale & costs.
No expectations set for client.

New Approach 3:

Straight to the code.

Design > Plan > Discuss & Build > Done

“Discuss & Build” didn’t work.
No deliverables were agreed at any stage.
Client didn’t trust what Kirsty was doing.
Got the data in early though.


More practical approach.
Iterative. No set process.

Trust needs to be nurtured
Surprises are never a good idea.
Clients will form their own opinions and expectations.

If not deliverables, show ideas.