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Notes from #responsiveconf – Oliver Reichenstein

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“Information Architecture is a straightjacket”

The deeper the tree, the harder it is to fill the content (but the more you get paid!).

IA makes you take random decisions as to where content should go.

Less navigation? But don’t go full-on Soup Nazi.

The politics of the navbar. Navbar placement = traffic.

Container-based design. It’s finished for ze columns!

Mobile forces prioritisation.

Each container needs to work on every page.

Freed of the situation where a certain element only appears in a certain place in the hierarchy.

Container 1: Navigation
Container 2: Article page (no sidebars!)
Container 3: Comments
Container 4: Related articles

You have to chop the tree. Forget about static IA.

Do this by having two vectors, the second having a completely different way to manage content.