What has been...

March 6th - Laters Norwich
March 9th - Osaka? You sucka
March 10th - Sinning in sunny Sydney
March 12th - Bondi
March 13th - Blue Mountains and Blue Review
March 18th - Byron and its beach
March 19th - The beach
March 20th - Jumping off rocks
March 21st - The beach (again)
March 22nd - The beach (again)
March 23rd - Weirdo/Gruesome day
March 24th - Dive, dive, dive!!
March 26th-29th - Fraser Island
March 31st - Lady Musgrave Island
April 1st-7th - Brisbane and Bog All
April 8th and 9th - Ermm...
April 10th - Nimbin narcosis
April 15th - Start!
April 16th - Hohoho
April 18th - Doggy Style
April 22nd - So it is the rainy season
April 24th - Ouch..Urghh..Ohh
April 25th - I'm a firestarter...crappy firestarter
April 26th-29th - Surf's down
May 3rd - Visions of Nimbin
May 7th - The Tic +
May 9th-13th - Lost
May 14th - Mullum
May 17th - Sensei Wakato
May 23rd-25th - Chilled to Hectic to Chilled
May 26th - Sharp Exit to Dumpsville
May 31st - For "Scuba" read "Drown"
June 1st-4th - Magnificent Maggie Island...
June 5th-7th - ...and tawdry Townsville (+ shocker!)
June 8th-10th - On a Mission (Beach)
June 11th-15th - Cairns Carnage
June 16th - Here Jaws
June 17th - Deep deep down
June 18th - Stingrays before brekkie
June 21st-23rd - Cape Tribulation With The Bar Manager
June 24th-26th - 44 hours riding a Greyhound
June 28th-30th - Doing the Wildthing
July 1st - Chill Out
July 2nd-4th - Kakadone
July 5th-6th - 20 hours back on the Greyhound
July 7th-9th - I am Priscila
July 10th-13th - On the road again
July 14th and 15th - Heavy Tasting
July 16th and 17th - Oceans of Road
July 17th-21st - Mighty mighty Melbourne
July 22nd-24th - In "Orb"it
July 25th-27th - Still in Melbourne
July 28th-30th - Clubtastic
July 31st-August 1st - The Federal Suburb
August 1st-3rd - Mixing with the rellies
August 4th-7th - Byron/Mecca
August 8th - Momentarily Brisbane
August 9th - Leaving on a JAL Plane

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