Byron Bay (random)

Brad and Bec at the lighthouse, with the main beach in the background. Brad and Bec/Byron (15k)

Peeps/Byron (19k) Many fine people sitting on the deck at Js, the first time around in Byron.

Rock jumping at Dalwood Falls. Bec's in the foreground, with Chiro, a Swiss guy, doing a front flip in the background. The 40-ft leap is just out of sight on the right (honest!). Dalwood/Byron (26k)

Bec and Tim/Byron (22k) Bec and Tim before their skydive - nutters. But I may have to give it a go myself, if I can get the bottle up.

Taken by Tim during the skydive! A view of Byron Bay main beach, with the lighthouse at the top. Aerial/Byron (11k)

Tim/Byron (15k) King Nutter himself - Tim.

A photo of Bec taken at dusk on the main beach at Byron, by a professional photographer for whom she did a bit of modelling. Bec_pro (24k)

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