Lady Musgrave Island

All these photos were taken underwater with a throwaway camera, and they came out pretty well. This one - me sending out underwater peace signals Peace/Musgrave (13k)

Me and Bec/Musgrave (16k) Bec and I doing the sibling thing down below, down under

The fish at feeding time, trying to take a bite out of me. The one at top left was giving me an evil stare, but he flinched first. Fish/Musgrave (12k)

Brad/Musgrave (12k) Brad's ok!

Al and Chris - how did you get here? Look closely at the one on the left; give him some glasses and he could ne the Forrest-Hay. Maybe. If he was a fish. Al and Chris/Musgrave (8k)

Hey!/Musgrave (10k) Hey, check it out, some coral. Like, cool, man.

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