Fraser Island

The Crew on Fraser (minus Kim), wading up an impossibly clear stream. Brian in the background giving us a full metal salute. Stream/Fraser (26k)

Me and Bec/Fraser (20k) Bec and I on the main beach at Fraser, which is 120km long, by a ship that was wrecked on it in the '20s or '30s. I used to be a historian.

By the coloured stones - what were they called? - that Bec appropriated. Stones/Fraser (19k)

Camp/Fraser (17k) Our campground for the first night, on the beach, with Shannon giving us a big hello

Bec doing a Lawrence of Arabia, one of the many different environments on the island Law_1/Fraser (11k)

Law_2/Fraser (6k) Brian doing a better Lawrence; the man was born to the role!

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