So what can I say? Tuesday night at the Technics World DJ Championships, Victorian Finals - absolutely blinding! It was ram jam full after about half an hour of Rob and I getting in there, and the festivities began at 10.15pm. We'd been chatting to a couple of guys from Melbourne, and it turned out that one of their mates, under the name DJ Kooyah was playing. He won - much fine scratching and mixing. He'd been taught by his brother Dexter, last year's Aussie champion and ranked 13th in the world. Second that evening was a guy called DJ Shake 'n' Bake, who finished off his set by jumping up, pulling a moonie and slapping his arse!!!! Top stuff. Then we got a cab home with a taxi driver who was swearing his head off on his mobile as we got it, and only asked us where we wanted to go after a couple of minutes of driving. And then he told us the unspeakable things that he wanted to do to Pauline Hanson - a very sick Melburnian indeed.

I only got to bed at about 4am, but had to be up again at 7.50 for the trip to Mecca, sorry, Ramsey Street. We stopped off first at the Victorian Police Academy, where Neighbours was being filmed, and saw Anne (mmmmmm) and Toadfish doing their stuff. I took Rob's photo with Toady, a classic if ever there was one. The we were asked to leave by one of the coppers! Well, out arrival had been greeted with "How did you lot find out about this?" by the crew; we had an inside man, though, as our bus driver was an extra. Then it was off to Ramsey Street, and I had my picture taken outside every house!

Wednesday night was reserved for seeing Alex Patterson of the Orb play at Revolver, a fine and funky club down Chapel Street in Prahran. Absolutely superb - many, many styles mixed up and made me yearn for a British club. Won't be long!! Then I stayed up all night, until 6.15, when I caught the bus to the bus station, and then onto Canberra, Oz's capital, where I am now. Can't beat Melbourne, though.

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