Still in Melbourne

Ok, I haven't sone much but I've just come in to check my email, so I'm fiddling about with this as well. I was supposed to go rollerblading today, but didn't make it as Rob didn't turn up at the hostel. Have to go on Wednesday I guess. I did go out with a guy called Frederick to the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday, as he had a car, so why not? Nothing else was doing. Fred was from Paris and very Gallic - all floppy hair, goatee and black roll-neck sweaters. And of course he smoked continously. We drove up to the Dandenongs, a range of mountains about 50 minutes from Melbourne. Well, we drove up to "Dandenong", the town first, where a lady at the chemists told me that the ranges were nowhere near the town. Ok. So we drove on, got there, did a bit of a walk, went up to Mt. - what else - Dandenong, and saw a spectacular view of Victoria. As it was foggy, we couldn't seen all the way to the ocean, but it was pretty good nonetheless. But too cold! I feel a yearning for the tepid English summer.

One more thing - there's a great series of ads on Aussie TV at the moment, for a flavoured milk drink called "Dare". In one of the ads, you see a guy sitting in a shop while his girlfriend is trying on a dress, parading around, trying to figure out how it looks on her. She asks her bloke, "So, does my bum look big in this?". He takes a sip of Dare, then says, "Yeah, but at least it takes the focus off your face!!!!". Top stuff.

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