Mighty mighty Melbourne

We arrived late-ish at night, late enough for Iain anyway, who'd wanted to be here by 4 in the afternoon. Found a great Chinese/Malayasian restaurant called the "Happy Paradise". Top nosh, and quite cheap.. I've eaten there 3 nights in a row.

The next day we went to see "A Clockwork Orange" at the cinema, just for novelty value as it can't be seen at home. All I can say is - weird.

Next day, though, we went off to see an Aussie Rules Football match at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), with the other 83,769 people who were there! What an attendance! The game was between Richmond Tigers and Essendon Bombers. I was going to barrack for the Bombers, but then I heard their cheesy song at the start and switched to the Tigers. It was a great game, but the Bombers won in the end, The score was:

ESS 14.10.94
RICH 10.15.75

Confused? Essendon won, that's all. And it was a superb day out. We went there with a Kiwi called Gemma whom we met at the hostel, who was a good laugh.

Yesterday I dropped Steve and Ryan off at the airport (as I had Iain's car, who'd had to fly to Cairns), and I'm now awaiting Rob's arrival from Perth. He should have been here yesterday, but no news as of yet. I really like Melbourne - it's a well laid-back city, though after dropping Iain's car off at his mate's house yesterday I jumped on the tram, only to find two conductors on it! So I had to pay! Apparently this is an extreme rarity, but I was got, so I had to cough up. But it was only $2.20, which is still two-fifths of nothing in real money.

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