Stingrays before brekkie

Woke up far too early again today, this time we were in the water at just past 6am, for a sunrise dive. Wicked beyond explanation. We saw a couple of stingrays taking off - an awesome sight. They floated through the water, effortlessly gathering speed away from us. And we also saw the giant clam, renowned on this reef (Norman reef). We got in another 2 dives before we had to go, such as swimming through caves and seeing a shark asleep on the sand at the bottom. Saw Wally the wrasse and his mate, and bobbed around for a bit so Stu could take some stupid photos. When we left it was getting a bit choppy - we boarded the "Sea Quest" to take us back to Cairns, and one guy who got on the live-aboard had been sick all over himself. He wasn't in for a fun time at all! It was a hell of a choppy journey back, a seemingly never-ending high seas rollercoaster. I sat back with some Thomas Hardy (as in the literature, not some cheap brand of spirits) and charge it out. Top stuff.

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