On the road again

Had to leg it down to the bus station after getting a bit too engrossed in something on tv, making it just in time. Sat next to a bloke from Sheffield on the bus, who'd been annoyed by the people in his room, so he'd nicked one shoelace from each of their shoes. What a tosser! Anyway, I ignored this bloke and read all the way down to Coober Pedy, and opal mining settlement in South Australia where most of the people live underground. As was the hostel, Radeka's, that I stayed in.

I phoned Gran on the 10th as it was her birthday, and bought her the obligatory fridge magnet. The next day I did a tour of the town, including the Breakaways, where "Mad Max - Beyond The Thunderdome" was filmed. Another filmset was being constructed, for a sci-fi film called "Pitch Black". Look for it on video.

I was back on the bus at half-past midnight, headed for Adelaide. Met Iain again later that day, and we went out to a pub called the "Exeter Hotel" as he needed a drink following some bad news. Good to see a woman behind the decks supplying some funky tunes.

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