Momentarily Brisbane

So last night was superb - the old Friday night barbie at Js, then a few of us piled out to the Great Northern, where there happened to be a top band on. I dont remember their name, but they were pumping out some fine Jimi Hendrix and also some good Bob Marley covers. Then we staggered onto Cocomangas, just for old time's sake, where of course they were spinning the usual poor tunes. But I'd had a fair amount of beer by then - it was my last night in Byron for a while, after all.

Woke up this morning wihout even a hint of a hangover, which was superb. I still had to do the old mad rush to get out of Byron, though, as I got up at 10.15 and my bus was at 11.10. And then the bus driver started almost throwing my box onto the bus! But, I got into Brissy again at about 3pm, wandered over to the YHA, then here to the net cafe. It's one of the best I've been in, comfy sofas and infra-red cordless keyboards. Nice. Tonight, I think, will be a chill-out, as will Sunday. There's nothing worse than getting onto a plane drunk, seeing as all the booze on board is free, so why not wait and save some cash with all those little miniatures awaiting me?

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