Beautiful. Caught the bus from Bateman's Bay up to Byron Bay, a journey of about 800km, via Sydney, as I mentioned before. I got into Byron on Tuesday morning to find the sun shining and, of course, the very chilled Byron atmosphere was in full effect. I'd had a good trip up, chatting to the guy next to me who turned out to be a Doctor of History at the Australian National University in Canberra, specialsing in the Australian Co-operative movement. Not eveyone's cup ot tea, but it was interesting chatting to him.

Anyway, I settled back in pretty promptly, shedding my trousers and jumpers in favour of a pair of shorts. While walking back from Woolworth's I bumped into a Canadian guy I'd met at the YHA in Darwin, had a bit of a chat. Then upstairs at J's I saw a couple of (really dappy) girls I'd met in Alice Springs. And then Janine, who started work at Js just as I was leaving, and then I saw Beatrice, whom had been working at Js at the same time as me and whom was just back for a couple of weeks. Great stuff!! And also, of course, I saw Sandra and Jeff, who was fresh back from his trip to Ireland and France, and who had a superb time.

I went out on Wednesday night, out to the Carpark, managing to blag my way in for free with my old tout pass. Well, I wasn't about to pay to get in there - it's just notmworth it. And I had a top night, getting to know some of the new staff members quite well ;)

And last night was quite cool - myself and Lindsay, from Js, and Beatrice and her bloke Alvin all went out to Fresh for a meal. Unfortunately they cocked up my order, so foer some reason I ended jup with twice the amount of seafood that I was meant to get. Tasty! And then we went and watched "Good Will Hunting" at Pighouse Flicks. A top film, and lying on futons made it all the better.

And tonight we're off out again, to the Great Northern and then probably a club, as my last huirrah before I get on the bus for Bribane tomorrow. And yes, Dad, I have reconfirmed my flights!

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