Mixing with the rellies

Ok, so there I was in Bateman's Bay. I was, of course, a bit apprehensive as I didn't know Alan and Shirley and didn't want to impose on them too much. But it turned out I had a superb time. As I think I wrote before, I went on a 3 or so hour walk on Saturday, then we watched a bit of tv in the evening. Following "Hey Hey It's Saturday" on 9 was "Good News Weekend", sort of like "Have I Got News For You", on which they took the mick out of Diana quite a bit. Apparently, Disney has decided to make a cartoon of her life, which may be a musical. So imagine the sort of songs they could sing in it. For example, this little ditty:

"Who's the girl who used to hurl when every meal went by?
S then D then I
Princess Di, Princess Di.
I wish to God her driver hand't been so high".

All in the best possible taste.

On Sunday we went for a bit of a drive ourselves, without any Fiats getting in the way. We drove up to Tilba, near Mt. Dromedary, where I bought a wicked leather belt. Before that we'd gone over to one of the more secluded local beaches, to spot some kangaroos. They were quite tame, and I petted one of them. Their fur was quite smooth, but it was good that you don't get any in the roo burgers. We'd also been up to a local lookout, with a great view of the area, where Alan's car got a flat. On the way back from the drive we bought 3 dozen oysters, as you do, and had those as a starter in the evening, followed by the old favourite, spag bol.

I was dropped off fairly early in the town centre this morning, and caught the bus up to Sydney, where I am now. While I'm waiting for tonight's 6pm bus, I'm off into town to do a bit of shopping.

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