Surf's down

Cape Byron at sunset cape byron at sunset

Found some good photos of Byron on the web - it's very handy having free access here at the hostel. Geek stuff aside, I went out for my first surf the other day, down at Little Wategos beach, just by the cape. I borrowed the Ad-man's long board, which is about 7' 4", and went out with Tim, who showed me the ropes. Ropey is a top description; crap would be better to describe my first attempt. There wasn't much surf up, and I spent most of the time just trying to stay afloat, and doing my arms in paddling from one drenching to the next. I caught a couple of waves in, and managed to get up on my knees once, for about 1.5 seconds (that's a generous estimate). But, it was wicked and I'm definately up for some more.

Byron Bay from the south byron bay from the south

I think my sis is coming back down here in a week or so - she's got a job here if she wants it at the hostel, driving the bus to pick up backpackers. Yeah right, crashing the bus into backpackers causing them horrendous multiple injuries, more like.

***** Still haven't drunk any booze! Incredible! *****

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