Sharp Exit to Dumpsville

Quickly moved out of the YHA, to a place up the road called Magnums, where Bec worked for a bit when she was in Airlie. The hostel reminded me of the Costa del Sol - it's two shades removed from a building site. This isn't actually true - it is a building site - and the view from my chalet is of a CAT earth mover. I spent the morning watching a bit of environmental destruction, sorry economic redevelopment. On the brighter side, I bumped into a cool surfer guy called Wally from Perth whom I'd met in Byron Bay. I also saw Beatrice, whom I worked with in Byron. I can't escape the place, which is a good thing.

I spent the rest of the day back in the old-stylee, chilling on the grass veranda by the (crappy little) beach.

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