Wierd/Gruesome Day

Met this bloke today called Chris, who started off by telling us he was a Christian, then went on to describe his 7 month captivity at the hands of the Iraquis, after being captured whilst on a mission as part of the Aussie SAS. The he went on to describe how he had to kill a birdwatcher who'd fallen over a cliff in northermost Scotland, as he was going to die anyway. Then it was on to how he used to play pro rugby league for Wigan, and was nicknamed "The Rock". Same as me at uni - but they were taking the piss.

So was it truth or bollocks? I have no idea.

That rock jump that I did the other day - some bloke was air ambulanced out from there today after smacking his head on some rocks on the way down. Same 40ft one that I did.

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