So it is the rainy season

So it was sunny, then raining, then sunny, then get the picture. The weather's a bit changeable, but mostly it's coming down in buckets. Consequently I haven't been up to much except for scrubbing the loos for 3 hours yesterday while feeling that my body was about to undergo a total shutdown, owing to too much cheap claret and lambrusco the night before. How my standards have slipped.

I went to Bay FM the other night to chill out with the techno/trance DJs there, one of whom I met the night before at one of the local bars, the Railway Friendly Bar. It's only one of three in town, so you kind of get to meet most people over again when you go out in Byron. Anyway, it was wicked there, and I think I'll go along again next week, maybe to do some mixing. Not exactly my forte, but then there's no crossfade on the desk, only volume control, so how hard can it be? I got a tape of the stuff from the other night, which while not mixed to perfection as you'd expect at home, does the job anyway in a bangin' style. I asked the geezer, Matt, where he got all his records, expecting him to say Brisbane or Syndey. "Nah, man, mostly at Eastern Bloc in Manchester". Alright, then our kid.

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