The beach (again)

Woke up late, and stumbled down a block or two to get my free digeridu lesson that I don't remember booking the night before. I found out that I look a bit of a tit circular breathing,as you have to make a face like Pob, while inhaling through your nose. Weird. My end result was a bit poor.

Spent the rest of the day working on the web site for the hostel here, the results of which will be online soon. We had dinner at some stupidly late time, and did over some more potent Aussie ales. I met this top quality geezer called "Fast" Eddie, from Cancun in Mexico. That was the way he liked to drink his Johnny Walker, and the way he liked his women.

I also met two geezers of the highest order called Si and Mark, from Hornchurch in Essex. Never met a bad bloke from there yet. Sample quotes: "I done the place up large wiv' me shooter", and "I turn the lights on and every geezer in the place goes 'aaahh!'".

Oh God, I also met three tossers called Simon, Ben and Lockie, so painfully obviously public school educated. They finished the night watching The Exorcist ("dark, yaah"), after losing in turn to my sister at paper, scissors, stone, resulting in them having to down dirty amounts of "Chateau Cardboard" wine. Nasty.

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