Jumping off rocks

Another very mellow day. Floated out of bed, hung around for a bit, then a few of us headed off in J's Magic Bus to a fine little spot about 40 minutes away, called Dowd Falls. A little waterfall at the top of a rock pool, with its sides rising to 40ft or so. Perfect for throwing yourself off.

I remember once in Ibiza doing an 80ft cliff jump, but that was on the tailend of a heavy drinking session, when lack of sobriety ineveitably clouds judgement. This time it was stone cold sober, and the bastard looked a hell of a lot higher. But it had to be done. Didn't do any somersaults or backflips, just did some bruising on my feet and some panicky shouting.

But the pain of the bruising was significantly deadend by the BBQ at the hostel in the evening, where there was free wine, and all you can eat and drink jobby. This time it was on land, but it proved just as deadly.

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