The beach

Had another Neurofen brekkie today, to ward off the beer pixie knocking about inside my skull. I've heard about this stuff called Berocca, a top notch vitamin b-based nagover cure. Think I'll order a lifetime supply. It would be wise.

Tough decision on what to do today, so I hit the beach. I think I can see a pattern developing here that might last.....5 months or so. But there are a few cheap surf schools here, to one of which I will succumb sooner or later, and end up as Brad from Neighbours. Oh yes. Sorry, "ah yeah, mate!".

To complement my travels, I'm reading a superb book at the moment, the playwright Arthur Miller's autobiography "Timebends". Sample quote, "The here and now was always melting before the head of a dream coming toward me or its tail going away". I'm in the right town to be reading this sort of thing. That passage may sound a bit new-agey, but the bloke was married to Marilyn Monroe, and stood up to the McCarthyite witch-hunts of the 1950s. Respect.

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