Doggy Style

So named because Bec just ran over some rich woman's little poodle. Aparently, she was cycling merrily along, when all of a sudden heard this woman shout out. She turned to see her bike wheel across the dog's leash, and the little grey poodle's face turning an impolite shade of blue. To top that, Bec couldn't help laughing. My sister - a model of compassion!

Just listening at the moment to Bay FM, a very funky little radio station here in Byron, which plays a top techno/drum 'n bass mix every night. They also do shouts, so I'll get one for everyone back home. You'll never hear it, but I'll do it anyway. I'm off tonight to the Car Park, which is now free for me as James the Promoter gave me a pass. It matters not that he's gay and trying to pull me, as free drinks are thrown in as well. No, it's not just me, as others at the hostel get this as well. Tonight a "world-famous DJ" is playing, Scott Pullen from Sydney. Yep, I had to ask who the hell that was as well.

Post-Car Park: free drinks at the BBQ at the hostel, and at the club resulted in me ending up at some hostel, the Arts Factory, out of town, then borrowing a bike with which to cycle home in the rain, which was coming down harder than Begbie after 20 pints.

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