Byron and its beach

A great 14-hour coach journey from Sydney to Byron Bay - sat opposite a drunken, farting old soak. And watched Arnie in "Kindergarten Cop". Stick to killing people in a gratuititous fashion, mate.

Finally got to Byron at some time in the morning, then hit the wicked beach. Not much swell, so I looked like a spastic seal having a bad karma day, while getting ripped to shreds on the boogie board. A very hippie, alternative atmosphere permeates the place, with much "Hey man, check out these bonza love beads - they really connect to your chi". Later on, me and my chi connected to a case of Tooheys Red which, at $21.95 (about GBP#8) and 4.9%, is not bad at all.

Met a few people here at the hostel (no sauna!), including a swiss-german guy called Heinz. I thought I was Mr. Pasty White Man, but he outshines me by far!

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