Sensei Wakato

Damn, I'm ill. Yep, i'll. Now some people would say that I'm sick, but not in relation to me health :) But this time, I got the old favourite, sinusitis, always a bugger in winter. It'll stick around for a few days, then go, owing to the vast concoction of vitamins that I'm quaffing down.

Sunday, when not being ill, was curry-making class with Waki. Now, not that I don't know how to make a curry, but Waki told me he'd teach me his special recipie, Japanese-style. Cool. So, I filed up to see him do his stuff, cut up all the vegies, watched him spoon in the jar of Patak's authentic Indian curry paste. "Eh?" I thought, "Wasn't this supposed to be a Japanese-style curry?". Yep, he told me, but they use Patak's like everyone else, it seems. But it tasted good anyway, and I got to practice my Japanese, such as "Itadakimasu", before the meal, and "Gochisosama" ("It was indeed a hearty meal".) - good one to use on potential mothers-in-law, so I'm told.

Just after we finished this meal, a busload of YHA people turned up, for the all-Oz convention that is taking place in Byron on Monday and Tuesday. Did I say convention? Sorry, I meant to say free piss-up, as they started to guzzle their way through all the free booze that was laid on. Swarmed like ants on acid around the barbie as well, taking over the deck and making it impossible to play pool upstairs. I had to escape, despite feeling still distinctly unwell, so a few of us went off to the Arts Factory to watch "Sphere" at the cinema. Was it good? Nope, absolute load of old sphericals, despite starring "Diddy" Dustin (Hoffman), "Cropped-hair" Shazza (Stone), and Samuel L. Jackson (too cool by far for a nickname). Under no circumstances take anyone you vaguely like along to see this film. Pants of the highest order.

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