Funny goings on in Dreamland. Kelly, one of the women in the dorm, dreamt of dancing with her ex-boyfriend, who suddenly turned into Prince. We were alerted to this by her shouting out in the middle of the night, "Not Yet, Baby" (?). This in turn led on to Tim telling us about Adam's similar outburst. Ad-man, who works at the hostel, apparently shouted out once in his sleep, "I didn't realise she was a man!". Hotel/Motel, anybody?

Also went out to the Car Park again, the only half-decent local club, which played some surprisingly good hard house, though the mixing would have been better if the DJ had stopped one tune, then started another, with a small apology in between, before falling on his sword. Bumped into Andy at this club, the brother of Anna (from UEA), whom I met in Sydney. Got slightly drunk with the bloke, then left to go to the essential 24-hour pie/cake/bread shop with Sally, a top girl in the dorm from St. Albans. Ate some cake with some Norwegians, one of whom said the rest were Swedish, but in fact they were really all Norwegian! What a joker. I also ate some of Sally's dodgy hot sausage roll - it was just like the kebab dilemma at home. You know the one - you're drunk at 2am, feel in need of sustenance, but the only thing going is Stavros' half an elephant leg in a pitta. The kebab is duly purchased (with chillisaucesalad), and in the morning your mouth tastes and smells like Gandhi's flip-flop. But at the time it looked tasty.

Amusing cultural difference: Flip-flops over here are called thongs.

PS - Still raining.

PPS - I went into the Westpac (my bank in Oz) today to draw cash on the Visa, but the bloody woman snapped it in half putting it in the machine. "Oh, looks like you'll have to get a new one", she said without a word of apology. Was she looking for a slap or what?

I am an enchanter....There are some who call me.....Tim

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