Today we travelled up to Mullumbimby, not far up the coast; it's like Byron, except without the tourists. I was in the market for a jumper, having left mine on a bus somewhere up north. Small little town, not much there. Saw a jumper, but I didn't have my fashion consultant (Bec) with me so I wasn't sure.

We all went out for a meal in the evening to Fresh, a superb little restaurant at the top of Byron town. All of us being:

Jeff and Sandra, their daughter Jacinta, Kelly (scouser), Beatrice (from Switzerland), Tim, Bec, Sonia (italia) and her bloke Ken (Oz), Paul from north London, and representing Japan, Wakato and Tomomi.

And all of which was paid for by Jeff and Sandra - can't complain! I had a wicked Seafood Marinara, and watched everyone else get drunk. I still haven't had any booze, even though we went to two pubs afterwards. This gave Wakato a chance to perve over one of the very attractive barmaids at the Beach Hotel (part-owned by Paul Hogan and run by 8 brothers); I may have joined in myself for a bit :)

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