Well, that's what I did at 10-pin bowling in Ballina. Nice little town about 30km south of here. I did ok at the start, but then I trailed off appaulingly, ending up with a score not much better than Bec; she had the novel girlie-style technique of walking up to the lane, then two-handedly pushing the ball toward the pins. But more often then not she suceeded! The best bit, though, was the psychedelic colours of the pins when they turned the lights down, and the balls also lit up. Always a bonus.

Then I hung out at Bay FM again for a bit. Toptechnotastic.

Spent the 9th very chilled out on the beach, polishing off some stories by Arthur Miller, but spent the 10th cleaning, doing the bins, etc.

It's also "lost" because I woke up today a bit confused - I thought it was the 12th, and couldn't quite get it when I realised it was the 13th. So somewhere I've lost a day, doing something. I hope it was interesting. Hopefully, someone will fill me in.

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