Blue Mountains and Blue Review - Friday 13th March

The heavy drinking the day before was not such a great idea, considering that I had to be up the next day at 7.30am. And this is supposed to be a holiday. Bradley and I had arranged to go on a day trip to the Blue Mountains, about an hour north of Sydney. A fine idea in itself, but not after getting blotto the night before. After banging on the door for twenty minutes, Brad had to get someone from reception to open my door. I was dead to the world, and my sis couldn't be arsed to get out of bed! Bunch of arse, mate!

Finally, we made it down to the waiting tour bus, where we met Geoff, possibly the most placid man alive. Nothing was too much trouble for the geezer, who loved his job so much he took to telling us everything twice. Fine, especially when your brain doesn't register what he said the first time as it's still in a state of shock after the battering the night before. We piled up the motorway, had the morning cup of tea and watched some kangaroos bounding about. Very funny, especially when still drunk. The rest of the day was spent in recovery, chilling out walking around some mountains, taking in the scenery, getting scorched to hell as the temperature reached 40 degrees c! And I'd foolishly left the sun cream with Becky, who, having been here before, forewent the trip and headed off to the beach at Manly (a better name might be Butch Beach. Or perhaps Twats).

Got back about 6.30 in the evening, when I called my mate from UEA whose staying in Newtown (a suburb) for a bit. She mentioned her and her mates were off to a drag club. Ever seen Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Spot on, right down to the Fruit Bowls on their bonces. Bradley was asked if he was gay soon after we got in there - which was a fine follow up to some bloke putting his arm around me a couple of nights earlier. Que sharpish exit the other night, but we had a few women to protect us last night, so no worries, mate :)

Check this out, if you're in any doubt as to the immensity of this place:

oz comparison

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