Bondi - Thursday 12th March

Yes - finally made it to this beach, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. A very chilled atmosphere, many fine sights to see. I don't know what's up with the weather here, but t's supposed to be autumn (or the down under equivalent), but the season's are having a spasm, apparently. The temperature has been up to 35 degrees c, with much redness of pasty white skin. Everyone else is a golden brown, obviously, but I'm the Pom off the plane, doing a forrest-hay and out whiting even the whitest white men.

Typical, though, of my first foray into aussie water, wearing my contact lenses, that I should lose one of the little buggers in the surf. Arse.

Made up for it in the evening, though. God, how shall I put this? Perhaps the words of the Robson will sum it up - good and lagging!. To tell the truth, I can't exactly remember where we went! Some bar in Sydney, somewhere. Stuck to the beers, but it is a bastard for a hangover. No wait, I remember - we went on a cruise around Sydney harbour, hosted by the fine people at The Funk House, one of the youth hostels. We were persuaded into buying 3 tickets while lying on Bondi, by some very tasty aussie women. Obviously their skimpy bikinis had nothing to do with it :) Got to Wharf 7 on the harbour and found out there was no wharf 7. But about 100 people turned up to get on the boat, which eventually did arrive. There was a buffet and al the sangria you could drink, which turned out to be quite a bit in the end.

Loads of travellers were on board, all getting proper battered. Chatted up some woman from New York called Sadie, but blew it by miscalculating on the alcohol. I figured I could safely have another few cups of this sangria, but I was disasterously wrong. Good job I did't fall overboard, but that was prevented by falling asleep after larging it on the dancefloor to the cheesy choons. My mate from home Bradley and my sis got battered as well, and managed to get me up and into the club to which everone headed after the 4 hour boat trip. Sydnet Harbour isn't that large, but it is if you circle it several times. Plus it was good to be drunk viewing a famous world landmark (shades of Notre Dame).

The club was in King's Cross, which is the red light area, apparently. I honestly didn't see any of the less salubrious bits - well I probably registered on my retinas but the image didn't make it to my heavily intoxicated brain. No change there then. And then it ended for me slumped on a tree outside. A top night.

Mum, if you read this, just remember I'm just following in Dad's footsteps, only in a more exotic location :)

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