On a Mission (Beach)

Mission beach is a little place halfway between Townsville and Sydney, and is comprosed of 4 smaller towns. I got there on the bus from Sydney, to find a few hostel buses waiting; I didn't have a reservation so I just followed the two prettiest girls onto one of the buses. I ended up at Mission Beach Backpacker's Hostel, which turned out to be superb. Only a few minutes walk from the beach itself, in the small town of Wongaling. I didn't really get up to much whilst stayng there, except laze around by the pool, hit the beach, etc., and also watched a lot of pirated films of dubious quality from Asia that the hostle had in spades. There's an insland not far offshore called Dunk Island - I didn't managed to get over there, but I did see moonrise there on my first night. Absolutely beautiful. And the local beach resort over the road did a good T-bone for $2! Bargain.

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