Sinning in Sunny Sydney - Tuesday 10th March

Ha ha ha ha. 23 degrees c. Very nice indeed.

Just got here to superb Sydney - my sister fell asleep almost immediately when we got into the room at the yoof hostel, so I resorted to doing what I do most, whether at UEA or down the antipodean way.

I don't know what's up with Sydney right now, but I do know that the flight was an almighty bastard. Left my house in Kent at 2pm Sunday, got to the hostel at 12.30pm today. My sis crashed, so I hit the bar. I also found out that my mate from home Bradley is turning up here today, so I'll have a reliable drinking partner while I'm here, as my sis Beck today informed me that she "doesn't do drinking" ! Is she related to me? I'm not so sure :)

Anyway, this is the first of some (irregular) updates. Just been reading the group email at UEA, so sod it, put me on. I be needing those regular doses of amusing Naaridge updates.

Keep it large, my brothers and sisters,


PS And when I get the chance, I'l scan in the photo of Alex dressed up as a hippy and Colonel York looking like a 70s porn star. No change there then.

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