The Tic +

I awoke this morning, trundled into the bathroom, only to discover what looked like some sort of bit of congealed blood hanging on to my skin on my shoulder blade. I took it off with a pair of tweezers, only to discover that the blood wasn't in fact congealed, but part of a body. This was the body of some sort of tic that I must have picked up while lying on the beach, and I'd pulled in out intact, so I could see it's little head and limbs moving around. Not the best way to start the day. Then Tim told me that it was in fact a dangerous little bugger; in I hadn't pulled it out intact, the head would have continued burrowing into my shoulder, causing a really nasty fever, which would have laid me out for weeks. Lucky escape. I had to disinfect it with tea tree oil, so I poured a generous half-bottle on, jut to be sure.

After that shocker of an awakening, Bec and I decided to go on a bike ride. Ok, I was going to go, but I got sidetracked by a video playing while waiting for Her Highness to sort herself out. Then when she was ready, I was watching the film, etc. But eventually we got on the bikes and made it out to Broken Head, about 4 km away, which is one of the finest surfing spots in the Bay.

We got back and were related a story by Adam about Jeff, who had a more interesting morning than me. He came in early, about 7am, to find some bloke relieving himself in the courtyard of the hostel. This bloke started shouting at Jeff, who put his hands up to his face, saying "No, don't hit me" or words to that effect. But it was a cunning feint. SMACK!! - KA-POW!! - WALLOP!! etc. Jeff kicked the bloke down the steps at the front of the hostel, followed by a resounding "Fuck Off!", just as some backpackers were coming out of their room. So what he should have said was, "I told you, check out time is 10am!".

I found out later that Wakato (aka Wacky), the Japanese guy who works here and is in my room, has the Rocky 'best of' cd with him. So this evening was replete with plenty of "Eye of the Tiger", "Living in America", and that one where he's running up the steps with all the kids around him.

Then I rounded off the day by cooking a large Chicken Tikka Masala. Perfect.

P.S. "Adriaaaaaaaannnnnnnn".

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