Brisbane and Bog All

Went down to Brissy on the 1st - it turned out to be the only place in Oz so far where it has rained, so I probably won't be going back there in a hurry. Grey skies, dull weather - could have been home. We spent a couple of days there, doing the Pizza Hut buffet again, this time it being Bec who bloated out. Did some shopping. The Bacpackers we stayed at was bad - roaches climbing the walls in the hostel, etc. Not great. Bec and I finally said goodbye to Brad, who flew out of Brissa\y to Auckland in Kiwi, before going off to the Phillippines for a week, to get the obligatory "paddy field" shot for his Mum. But before leaving Oz, he became the consummate tourist, having both both a cuddly koala and a digeridoo. Geezer.

From Brissy, Bec and I have travelled back down to Byron Bay, back to the same hostel. I've still got to sort out Jeff's web site, but I've also sorted myself out a job at the hostel. Bec's also sorted herself out a job at a nearby pub; everyone's looking for work as Byron's hosting an international blues and roots festival for 4 days, starting on the 9th. I just found out yesterday that my job not only includes cleaning the toilets, but taking out the rubbish as well! Lucky me. Still, it's a step up from the office!

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