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Background to a game is crucial in "setting the scene" and conveying the basic information about what the user is intended to do, and also in enticing the user into playing.

The concept for the game includes the framework of rules and strategies, and the idea of how the player completes the game. If appropriate, this may also introduce the idea of "levels" (graded stages of increasing difficulty). A game may employ other means to gradually develop the story as the game progresses - either full-motion video or graphical cutscenes are widely-used plot tools. Alternatively, the recently-released "Half-Life" (from Sierra On-Line) uses scripted sequences which happen around and depend upon the player.

The background should be included within a user's manual, displayed as both printed and on-line text with illustrative screenshots; this necessitates on-screen and off-screen duplication. The manual must be straightforward and use the correct terminology.

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