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Words of wisdom from @adactio

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Jeremy Keith’s one piece of advice about building a website to be responsive, from this interview in

I think that even now, there's still a tendency for people to think of the desktop view as the default, and the small-screen view as the exception. That’s a recipe for frustration.
Think about your content first (whether it’s a task or it’s information) in the absence of any screen.
Then think about that content on a small, constrained screen.
Finally, allow yourself to think about that content in the context of a larger screen.

Yes. Content first, then design. What you need to say is more important than how it looks. Design is the least important part of web design. And that design needs to be added in little appropriate increments as the screen size increases and allows.

But people don’t get it. Mobile overtook desktop in 2014. A larger screen is now a progressive enhancement. Hell, with things like Siri and Google Now and Amazons Echo, we’re getting to the point where even a screen is an enhancement.

Yet for now, it’s mobile-first every time, please.