Notes from #wcuk – @jonnya

Designing with Data Content detection can be brittle (limited) – i.e. detecting page IDs More creative flexibility Bespoke editing Accomodate future development Structure data – content & design elements -** functionality?** What needs to be editable? – e.g. don’t let … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Mark Wilkinson

Extensible Plugins 31491 plugins: can’t always find the one you need to do the job Help others make a tiny tweak by making plugins extensible. This is about plugins, but also applicable to themes. “One that can be modified or … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Rachel McCollin

Created admin plugin for edupress. Removed all meta boxes from WP dashboard – in fact, just removed standard WP dashboard Welcome content – links to commonly used items Video help section Heavy use of CPTs Callback function to create new … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Graham Armfield

“A Beginners Guide to Web Accessibility” What legislation do we need to be aware of? (cf. Norwegian law as of July 1st – all sites must be accessible) But which standards? WCAG v2 – W3C published. A (mandatory), AA (most … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Jeremy Keith

Boba Fett would just shoot Batman in the face. The engraving on this iPod says “Willy bum”. Anyone else have a question that isn’t like a YouTube comment?

Notes from #responsiveconf – Ethan Marcotte

Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design “A network of control rearranged at any screen size to best convey a message” (Trent Walton) Mobile, tablet and desktops are one continuum of the web. We have different device classes and OS. … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Stephanie Rieger

The Future of Media Queries tl:dr; Level 4 MQs are not the right ones we need. @media (scripting) Apply a style based on JS availability. Why not build a site that doesn’t require JS? Not progressive. More common are JS … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Kirsty Burgoine

A Question of Deliverables and Other Stuff Now responsive by default. A lack of trust is the client’s initial feeling when they come in. Old design process: Discuss > Plan > Design > Build > Done New Approach 1: Tell … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Oliver Reichenstein

“Information Architecture is a straightjacket” The deeper the tree, the harder it is to fill the content (but the more you get paid!). IA makes you take random decisions as to where content should go. Less navigation? But don’t go … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Inayaili de Leon Persson

Realistic Responsive Design When you’re not starting from scratch – 1) It’s not about you 2) Make a plan Constraints. One thing at a time. Create a page-by-page estimate. Go shopping! Or use an Open Device Lab. Buy top … Continued