Display a custom photo based on username

For this particular WordPress project, I needed to create a custom meta data field for users with Advanced Custom Fields, to allow them to upload their profile photo. I then created a team page, and wanted an easy way for … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – @jonnya

Designing with Data Content detection can be brittle (limited) – i.e. detecting page IDs More creative flexibility Bespoke editing Accomodate future development Structure data – content & design elements -** functionality?** What needs to be editable? – e.g. don’t let … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Mark Wilkinson

Extensible Plugins 31491 plugins: can’t always find the one you need to do the job Help others make a tiny tweak by making plugins extensible. This is about plugins, but also applicable to themes. “One that can be modified or … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Rachel McCollin

Created admin plugin for edupress. Removed all meta boxes from WP dashboard – in fact, just removed standard WP dashboard Welcome content – links to commonly used items Video help section Heavy use of CPTs Callback function to create new … Continued

Notes from #wcuk – Graham Armfield

“A Beginners Guide to Web Accessibility” What legislation do we need to be aware of? (cf. Norwegian law as of July 1st – all sites must be accessible) But which standards? WCAG v2 – W3C published. A (mandatory), AA (most … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Jeremy Keith

Boba Fett would just shoot Batman in the face. The engraving on this iPod says “Willy bum”. Anyone else have a question that isn’t like a YouTube comment?

Notes from #responsiveconf – Ethan Marcotte

Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design “A network of control rearranged at any screen size to best convey a message” (Trent Walton) Mobile, tablet and desktops are one continuum of the web. We have different device classes and OS. … Continued

Notes from #responsiveconf – Stephanie Rieger

The Future of Media Queries tl:dr; Level 4 MQs are not the right ones we need. @media (scripting) Apply a style based on JS availability. Why not build a site that doesn’t require JS? Not progressive. More common are JS … Continued