Slides from my #wcldn talk

A woman’s right to choose is a cause I’m passionate about. These slides from WordCamp London 2015 describe why and how the Abortion Support Network – an organisation I volunteer for – helps Irish and Northern Irish women obtain terminations in … Continued

Add a post class to the first post in a loop

I’m sure you could also do this with pre_get_posts, but this works nicely, replacing post_class() within the article block. Could also be done with CSS :first-child of course.

Enable UK address format in Gravity Forms

The below is a collection of functions to alter address formatting in Gravity Forms. The built-in format isn’t very helpful if you’re in the UK, so this changes the labels and allows a “UK/Ireland” choice to be made in the … Continued

LESS mixin to calculate a width

A LESS mixin to calculate a width with a defined margin, vendor prefixed. Add a fallback in absolute size or %.

Display a custom photo based on username

For this particular WordPress project, I needed to create a custom meta data field for users with Advanced Custom Fields, to allow them to upload their profile photo. I then created a team page, and wanted an easy way for … Continued