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Eloquent JavaScript Chapter 1

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Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke is a book I’ve had for about two years, and it’s about two years since I should have started reading it. But I did so tonight.

JavaScript is a language I know, but one I’ve far from mastered. I can mangle my way through DOM manipulation and AJAX requests, sometimes aided by jQuery. I don’t fully understand Eleventy, the static site generator I’m using to build this website. And I certainly don’t grok the language.

So it’s a “from the basics” approach for JS. The first chapter has covered four of the six types (number, string, Boolean and undefined). Plus unary, binary and ternary operators.

Each chapter starts with a quote, with which I will end my posts on this book:

Below the surface of the machine, the program moves. Without effort, it expands and contracts. In great harmony, electrons scatter and regroup. The forms on the monitor are but ripples on the water. The essence stays invisibly below.
Master Yuan-ma